Lefevre Auto Repairs are Tyre experts.

We offer expert advice on all your tyre needs - if you have any questions about tyres for your vehicle please call us today - we'll be happy to discuss your requirements.


We stock a wide range of tyres including Tyremax, Roadstone and Kumho.

We can fit and install new tyres on all makes and models including 4WD tyres and SUV tyres.

Looking after your tyres.  

Your tyres are a critical part of your cars overall performance and safety, so it's important to make sure your tyres are in top condition and to replace them where necessary.

There are ways you can look after your tyres to maintain their lifespan helping you save money on replacement tyres: 

Check your tyre pressure weekly - always check your tyre pressure when the tyres are cool ( not after a long drive) and adjust it accordingly. Tyres which are under inflated increase the risk of blowouts due to heat stress and can increase your petrol costs, tyres which are over inflated also wear unevenly and have higher safety risks, and so, it's important to make sure your tyres are at the recommended pressure. To find out the recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle - check the tyre placard located in your glove box or on the driver's door pillar.

Keep an eye on the way your tyres are wearing. Not only to check when they need replacing, but also to make sure there are no balance or alignment issues. When you are checking the pressure have a look at the tread on each of your tyres- if it appears to be wearing down unevenly, one tyre more than others or more on one edge - your wheels might need aligning or you could have suspension issues. Mis-aligned wheels will shorten the life of your tyres and can cause problems with handling and reduce the safety of your vehicle. If you notice un-even wear on your tyre tread you should always have an expert diagnose the issue to ensure maximum safety in your vehicle.

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