About Us


LeFevre Auto Repairs have been serving the Osborne community for over 15 years.

Our Team

The team at LeFevre Auto Repairs are committed to excellence.

As a Repco Authorised Service centre we provide high quality customer service and superior workmanship, ensuring our customers receive the very best in automotive care.

Our Facilities 

Our workshop is widely acknowledged as one of the best equipped and most professional independent operations in Australia.

Our Service

You won't find a better level of customer service than from the friendly team at LeFevre Auto Repairs.

You can rely on us to do the little things that really make a difference.

Client testimonials

  • Friendly and prompt. Customer service taken to a whole different level. Guys at Lefevre Auto Repairs pointed out what's starting to wear down, but advised on how much longer before I really should get the part fixed. It's not often that a mechanic will save you money. True Local
  • I used these LeFevre Auto Repairs for three years until I had to move interstate, which was a pity. They have always been really helpful, to the extent of sending guys around to look at my car when I couldn't start it (it turned out to be a clutch pedal fuse), which they then drove to their place, and replaced it, and only charged for the fuse and 10 minutes of labour. I really liked these guys. Word of Mouth
  • I was referred to this business upon recommendation of a friend. I have had two of my cars air conditioning re-gassed and the service is always exceptional. The price is pretty much the same as other places would charge but these guys 'go the extra mile' by bringing me home once I've taken my vehicle in and then picking me up when it's ready. I've also been given other advice by them, free of charge and unrelated to the reason my vehicle was in there which has resulted in a fuel saving for me. They have also been the winner of the small business award a few times in recent years and are a Repco Authorised Service Centre and RAA Approved. Word of Mouth

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